Sunday, July 9, 2017

3D Class S3 Portfolio Project 2 Final

Here is my newly updated Bedroom scene with the finished bed

I especially focused on the comforter going from every step from marvelous to in engine

Here is the mesh Marvelous gave me. It was about 1 million tris.

So I tried a bunch of different methods to retopologize it, but in the end what worked best for me was just doing it by hand with the quad draw tool in Maya. With this, I got it down to abotu 1,700 tris

And here is the lovely bake in Substance Painter

And the completed version with redone textures

I also finished off my headboard by first sculpting in Zbrush

Then I took it to Maya for retopo

And here is the full bed boxspring headboard thingy

And here is it with the bake and textures from Substance Painter

And here is the whole thing put together in UE4

And finally, shots of my updated scene with the new materials and new lighting

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