Sunday, June 25, 2017

3D Class S3 Portfolio Project 2 Progress

Here is my halfway progress report for my second personal project

While learning Marvelous Designer, I was able to create the sheet, comforter, and pillows for my bed. Here are the high res versions imported into Maya

Here is the reference I decided to base the headboard for my bed on

And here is the work I've done so far on the headboard and boxspring. I will need to bring this base headboard into ZBrush for sculpting

I also began some work on retopologizing my marvelous meshes. I had to go through a lot of trial and error and am still working things out in this area, but I did manage to get a nice bake of my sheet. For reference, the original was over 171k polys and I got it down to 9k

I also created my curtains. I started with long ones, but when I was done and had put it into my scene, it felt too "heavy"

So I went back to Marvelous and edited it into short curtains which look much nicer

And here is the bed imported into my room scene from my last project

And with the curtains

Here is the work that I still have left to do:
Sculpt the headboard
Create low res versions of my marvelous meshes
Create the texture for the boxspring
Create more widows for the room
Work on the scene's lighting

Stretch goals:
Create a dresser
Create framed pictures for the walls
Create a canopy

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