Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2D Class Week 05 Silhouettes

This week, we were expected to create some silhouettes and choose our best nine to display. I decided to choose characters for my silhouettes.
I tried to keep them all within a similar cartoon-ish art style to ensure they all looked as if they belonged to the same universe.

Total work time: 4 1/2 hours

Saturday, September 24, 2016

3D Week 05 Modeling A Prop

This week we started a longer project involving modeling a cannon. For this assignment, we had to create a simple proxy version of the cannon.

I started in Maya by setting up the scale to eventually import my proxy cannon into Unreal.

Once my scale was established, I set up my image planes as reference for building my model from concept art

Next I followed the instructional videos to model my proxy cannon

Finally, I imported it into a level in Unreal

Total work time: About 4 hours

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2D Class Week 04 Composition and Layout

This week, we had to choose one of the layouts presented during class to demonstrate in an illustration. 

I did quite a few different concept sketches before deciding on the one below. The idea was "disco" mixed with a bit of inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein-style pop art. While I chose to demonstrate radii composition in this piece, rule of thirds naturally found its way in as well.

Original sketch

Sketch with radial lines

Line work

Final completed image

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2D Class Week 03 (One,Two, Three Perspective)

I started by choosing an image as my reference for my three point perspective drawing

And here's my drawing

Total work time: about 3 hours

Week 03 Lego Project Part 02

Air Transportation Team

Tiffany Brodie
Hezekiah Olopade
Boo Roseman
YunHao Huo
Kendall Robertson
Matthew Trupiano

This week's assignment was a bit of a continuation of last week. This time we were split into larger teams. There were four teams total: one for environment, one for land transportation, another for characters, and my team was in charge of air transportation. Our theme was futuristic and together as a class we had to create a scene based on that theme.

We first had to model new Lego pieces in Maya to add to the collection. Mine was a hollow rectangle "window"

In Maya I made two versions of my model. First a normal version with smooth bevels and a second, more low poly version in order to use LODs in Unreal to decrease polycount.

After that my group split into two. Kendall, Boo, and I worked on one of the airc rafts our group was responsible for. Boo did the body of the craft, Kendall did the materials, and I did the wings

And here is our finished air craft

My Lego piece was used as the windows for the craft

The materials we used

Here's a shot of all of the team's air crafts together

Finally the environment team integrated all of the different pieces and put together the scene

Total work time: about 5 hours

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 03 Lego Project Part 01

Team TacoKitty

Tiffany Brodie
Paul Salas
Melissa Almirall

First, for this project, I chose a lego piece to model

Next I took it to Maya and modeled a replica to the scale of the other lego pieces

After that, my group decided on the scene we wanted to create and the color scheme. I was in charge of the windmill while Paul worked on the floating island and Melissa did the landscape.

The final completed scene all together:

Total work time, including integrating: About 14 hours

Sunday, September 4, 2016

3D Week 02 (Minecraft-ish Level)

For this assignment, I began by creating a simple cube block in Maya

After cutting and sewing the UVs, I went to Photoshop to create textures. In total I had 4 different textures: water, cloud, sand, dirt, and grass which came in regular and flowery variants

I exported my cube as an FBX file then imported it and the textures into Unreal. Then I began to set up my base material and material instances with the different textures

Finally I constructed my floating island

Total time: about 10-12 hours