Monday, April 10, 2017

3D Class S2 Personal Project Week 1

This week I started work on my personal project. My focus was to take my proxy assets from the planning stage and model high resolution models.

Here is a reference of the helmets once again for comparison

Here is my quick sketch for composition and lighting concepts

And here are my proxies from the planning stage

I started with Thomas' helmet

Then made Guy-Manuel's

Here are some views of the two together

Then I made the DJ mixer console

And here it is all together

Going forward, I'll have to make some changes to my predicted timeline. I expected to have to spend two weeks just modeling, but as it is I've already completed my hero pieces. I'll have to spend the next week creating more smaller assets to fill the scene (e.g. stands for the helmets so they're not just floating) and then I can begin on textures.

(Btw finding reference images of Discovery-era Daft Punk helmets is harder than one would think)

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