Friday, April 7, 2017

3D Class S2 Personal Project

For our last assignment of the semester, I'm going to be working on a personal, portfolio-ready project. Since I want to focus on props/environments, I decided on a piece that will focus on well made props.

I've decided to recreate the Daft Punk helmets in 3D. Along with the helmets, I will have a small scene space around them including a DJ mixer console and a LED display.

I created a quick mockup sketch to get some ideas for composition down before starting.

I decided that for the environments, besides the props, I wanted to focus to be on the many colored lights in the scene to create the mood/atmosphere of the scene.

Then I created a quick proxy scene in Maya

Here is my personal timetable:
Week 1: Modeling assets
Week 2: Finish modeling, sculpting, baking
Week 3: Textures. Create more assets for the scene if time allows
Week 4: Polish (models, textures), finishing in UE4, lighting

And these are the reference images I'll be using, and any more if necessary:


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